P.O. Box 1509  Bonavista, Newfoundland A0C 1B0


About Bonavista Creative

Around the world, the creative and cultural economy is an important and growing part of the global economy. The term refers to the socioeconomic potential of activities that trade with creativity, knowledge and information. Governments and creative sectors across the world are increasingly recognizing its importance as a generator of jobs, wealth and cultural engagement. At the heart of the creative economy are the cultural and creative industries lying at the crossroads of art, culture, business and technology. This is where we find Bonavista Creative.

New ideas, not just money or machinery, are the source of success in today's world. The creative economy is revitalizing manufacturing, services, retailing, entertainment and arts industries. It is changing where people want to live, work and learn – where they think, invent and produce. The town of Bonavista, through Bonavista Creative, can become a creative hub.

The creative economy is based on a new way of thinking and doing. The primary inputs are our individual talents and skills. These inputs may be familiar or unfamiliar; what is more important is that our creativity transforms them in innovative ways.  In some cases the output value depends on the uniqueness of the service or product; in other cases the output value is simply the result of how easily products or services can be copied and sold to large numbers of people. The heartlands are art, culture, design and innovation.

The creative economy brings together innovative ideas in industry, culture, community, and the potential held within the "creative class". Bonavista Creative hopes to foster the growth of this creative class for the benefit of our region.