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Bonavista Creative’s mission is to foster and promote new and unique businesses that will contribute to the local economy, thereby enhancing the community. Located on the main thoroughfare of Church Street, Bonavista’s downtown core, this operation will offer commercial space for crafts people, artisans, food vendors and many other professional services not currently operating in the area. These spaces will be offered at very competitive rates to minimize risk for new business owners.

Bonavista Creative

P.O. Box 1509 Bonavista NF A0C 1B0 CA



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Civic address: 2-8 Campbell Street - view property map
Construction: circa 1957

Bait Depot before restoration, 2018.

The Bonavista Bait Depot was constructed in 1957. It is situated at 2-8 Campbell Street, which fronts onto the Bonavista Harbour. The building is a one-storey masonry structure equipped with all refrigeration and freezing equipment, which was used during the processing of fish at the time the Bait Depot was in full use.

The Bait Depot was operated by the Federal Government until the early 1990s.

Bait Depot