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Matthew Howse

Broken Books is an independent shop dedicated to offering customers excellent service and a wonderful selection of reading for all ages. ​This coffee bar bookshop is located on the second floor of Boreal Diner.

Bonavista Creative

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Bonavista Creative’s mission is to foster and promote new and unique businesses that will contribute to the local economy, thereby enhancing the community. Located on the main thoroughfare of Church Street, Bonavista’s downtown core, this operation will offer commercial space for crafts people, artisans, food vendors and many other professional services not currently operating in the area. These spaces will be offered at very competitive rates to minimize risk for new business owners.



Jon Howse & Sylvie Mittford

The Boreal Diner serves food, proudly featuring local produce, seafood, Newfoundland-raised meat, and wild plants and berries. The food on the menu is made from scratch using traditional methods for things like sausage, smoked fish, sour dough bread, as well as being inspired by food from around the world. The Diner will also be true to its name and have a full menu of single origins coffees, espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes.


Front and side facade. After exterior restoration, 2015.

The Templeman house, located on the east end of Church Street, was built following the marriage of George Templeman to Mary Ann Cuff in 1872. George and Mary Ann lived in the family home with their five children Ronald, Christine Agnes, Heber John, Frances and Arthur Spurgeon. After their death, the youngest child, Arthur Spurgeon Templeman, continued to live in the home with his wife Elfreda Fisher and their three children George, Harrison, Garland and Harry.

​The Templemans have occupied this particular area of Bonavista since at least the early 1800’s. There are six Templeman homes still standing on the eastern end of Church Street today and the George and Mary Ann Templeman home is the earliest surviving Templeman property.  This home and the other Templeman homes were constructed by master carpenters Robert Ryder and his father Allan. Allan first arrived in Bonavista in the mid 1800's from Torquay, England to construct the Bonavista Church of England. The father and son duo became well known in the area as accomplished carpenters. They built many homes and were also involved in with many other building projects such as St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Elliston.

Robert Ryder was known for his attention to detail, often using decorative window and door trims along with wide rain caps and hand carved faux pilasters. Unlike the other Templeman homes constructed in this area of Bonavista, all having steeply pitched roofs, the George and Mary Ann Templeman house has a mid- gable roof and six over six windows. 

Currently this unoccupied home needs much repair. It still has original spruce clapboard siding and 1960’s vinyl slider windows. Bonavista Living will reinstate the original style wooden windows with wide trims, original style doors featuring red and blue stained glass and a cedar shake roof.


Civic address: 61 Church Street - view property map
Construction: Circa. 1872

George Templeman House