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The power for Bonavista is taken from Bonavista feeder panel at the power station at 2300 volts. It is then stepped up by a steel out-door sub-station to a pressure of 13,200 volts, and sent over a transmission line of 11 miles to Bonavista, where it is received and stepped down by a step-down sub-station at Bonavista. Both of these stations were purchased from the Westinghouse Company and are up-to-date in every respect, and the first of their kind installed in this Colony.

Each sub-station is equipped with the latest lightning arresters and horn gap controlling switches.

There are at present 100 houses fitted and ready for the electricity and fed by three phase local 2300 volt lines, extending throughout the town of Bonavista. The load is also being properly balanced between the phases.

The company expects in future to connect all residences and public buildings in Bonavista and surrounding nearby settlements. The new Unit with its generator and exciter was installed this year, also the steel step-up and step-down sub-stations, and the transmission lines to Bonavista. The local line through Bonavista was also run and 100 houses furnished with electric light.

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Bonavista Creative

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Bonavista Creative’s mission is to foster and promote new and unique businesses that will contribute to the local economy, thereby enhancing the community. Located on the main thoroughfare of Church Street, Bonavista’s downtown core, this operation will offer commercial space for crafts people, artisans, food vendors and many other professional services not currently operating in the area. These spaces will be offered at very competitive rates to minimize risk for new business owners.

The Hydro-Electric Plant of the Union Electric Company, Port Union by "Observer"

(Originally published in the Weekly Advocate, Nov. 13, 1920. Article made available courtesy of Mr. John Murphy, Port Union. Transcribed by Melvin Baker, October 1997)

Union Electric Light &

Power Company Property

Read the full publication at http://www.ucs.mun.ca/~melbaker/unionel.htm

Union Electric Light & Power Company Building before restoration, 2017.